Building best-in-class back office products so companies can focus on what they do best.

We partner with future founders to build great companies.

We're a venture studio with two beliefs: Companies that unbundle their cost centers will spend less and grow more because they'll focus on their unique products. And teams dedicated to excellent service provide better careers than a cost center essential and underfunded in most companies.

Factories used to generate their own power and companies once ran their own payroll. But if you're a brewery, generating your own electricity doesn't make your beer taste better. Today that's true for HR, recruiting, finance, and more. Our companies increase quality while lowering costs and risks.

The Team

Darrell Silver

General Partner

Co-founded+CEO'd+sold Thinkful (acquired by Chegg) & Perpetually (acquired by Dell).

Alex Rappaport

Managing Partner

Co-founder and CEO of Flocabulary (acquired by Nearpod).

Arlyss Gease

Operating Partner, Forecasting-as-a-Service Lead

Previously Thinkful's 1st finance & forecasting hire, then Chegg Director of Growth.

Ben Aronowicz

CEO, Union

Previously Thinkful's Head of People from Series A through $100m acquisition.

Our Companies

Your dedicated People Operations and Recruiting partner. Co-founded by Ben Aronowicz.

Upwork without the clients. Co-founded & lead by Blake Gillette.



Everything sales leadership needs to generate business.

Venture Investments

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